We focus exclusively on the technical aspects of evidence based medicine. Our specialisms are in uncontrolled studies/observational data, and survival modelling.

Past projects include matching adjusted indirect comparisons, propensity scoring, advanced survival extrapolations, utility mappings, health economic modelling, teaching, and submission of evidence dossiers to health technology assessment agencies.

We are happy to discuss the kind of projects we are able to offer, and also willing to work in partnership with other vendors.


Our experience covers many areas of health technology assessment and statistical analysis. Below are selected publications which demonstrate particular areas of expertise:

  • Hatswell AJ, Baio G, Irs A, Berlin J, Freemantle N (2016). The regulatory approval of pharmaceuticals without a randomised controlled study: analysis of EMA and FDA approvals 1999 – 2014. BMJ Open Link

  • Hatswell AJ, Porter J, Hertel N, Lee D, Latimer NR (2016). The Cost of Costing Treatments Incorrectly: Errors in the Application of Drug Prices in Economic Evaluation Due to Failing to Account for the Distribution of Patient Weight. Value in Health Volume 19, Issue 8, Pages 1055-1058 Link

  • Hatswell AJ, Pennington B, Pericleous L, Rowen D, Lebmeier M, Lee D (2014). Patient-reported utilities in advanced or metastatic melanoma, including analysis of utilities by time to death. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Volume 12 Pages 140-149 Link

  • Bullement A, Underhill S, Fouregay R, Hatswell AJ (2017). Cost effectiveness of previously treated metastatic colorectal cancer in England and Wales. Clinical Colorectal Cancer accepted for publication. Link

  • Zuckerman JN, Batty AJ, Jones ME (2009) Effectiveness of malaria chemoprophylaxis against Plasmodium falciparum infection in UK travellers: Retrospective observational data. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease. Volume 7 Issue 6 pages 329-336 Link

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss these areas (or other topics) further.


A number of our projects have led to companion files which are freely downloadable – these are hosted below.

Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis convergence tool

PDF Tool

ISPOR 2018: Indirect Comparisons Workshop


Modelling Overall Survival in Immunotherapy using Parametric Techniques

Link Presentation